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Welcome to Steve Yelseth Photography. Photography has become my all consuming passion in life. As a photographer, you are constantly seeing things from a totally different perspective to most other people. This is what makes photography such an incredible craft - taking a split second in time and recording that for generations to come, in all it's glory, is an incredible feeling.

The current age of photography is indeed exciting. New technologies are emerging on practically a monthly basis, camera technology constantly improves and each generation brings more power to the photographer. The beauty of photography is that even with all these changes, the basic principles behind taking quality pictures has not changed. All that has happened is that the photographer now has a more versatile tool in his hands.

My journey in photography continues daily, whether it be though reading a new book, visiting an exotic destination or taking that one picture of my children that captures their unique spirit. It's about constantly striving for that perfect picture... as if there were such a thing. For me it's about learning new techniques and consistently producing the best work I am capable of.

Going the extra mile to get that shot!








If that means getting down in the rain, then that's what I'll do!



Anchor's Guest Lodges: When shooting images for the hospitality industry such as a bed & breakfast accomodation, it is vitally important that the images project the right feel to potential customers... Read More...

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Anchors Guest Lodges

Anchors Guest Lodges

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